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We specialize in accounting and tax preparation services for a wide variety of clients.

Tax return filing and tax planning for individuals

Earlier is better when it comes to working on your taxes. The IRS encourages everyone to get a head start on tax preparation. Not only do you avoid the last-minute rush, early filers also get a faster refund.

Bookkeeping and financial statements for small businesses

Bookkeeping for small businesses can be quite difficult. You must figure out the correct accounting system to use, maintain daily records, and review every check very carefully. Taking care of these tasks while attempting to run a business can cause you to make mistakes. Let us handle all your bookkeeping for you. We can help you maintain your books properly while you focus on your business.

Corporate tax return filing

Keeping corporate and personal finances seperate is essential for any corporation. Mixing these finances can cause many complications, which is where we come in. We not only advise you on proper tax etiquette, but help you save more money. Avoid audits and other complications with the IRS by allowing us to help you with your corporate taxes.

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Happy Customers

Here are a few testimonials from our satisfied clients.

Great place to get your taxes done or really get any advice business-wise. These guys can set up your LLC, full on Corporation or even DBA and payroll not to mention your taxes. Very knowledgeable about taxes. You will definitely feel safe in their hands. No accountant has ever made me feel this comfortable. Definitely check these guys out.

Hayk H.

Hyperbole is inadequate. When your friend mentions their father is an accountant you go in with trepidation. I worried he would be overly conservative because ... well ... dads. Greg is thorough, thoughtful and absolutely one of the kindest accountants I've used in 34 years of filing. He is also completely professional. The office is spacious and clean and parking in that area is relatively easy. I am happy to have found my new tax man! Thank you Greg!

Hilary A.

  • I don't easily get impressed! But Greg's wealth of knowledge and professionalism is astonishing. I wish I had met him sooner!

    Jon M.

  • I have lived in America for 25 years never meet an honest bright knowledgeable person like Grigor He is very accurate at what he does Very trustworthy I am soooo happy I meet him thru my friend Always do and will recommend his services Wish him the best

    Edward B.

  • Greg does our taxes every year for the past 3 years. We absolutely love him. He is extremely smart, and has a great financial advising background. Look forward to seeing him in a few months!

    Sylvie D.

  • The only one person who I love to pay is my accountant Greg. I became a very successful businessman because of him God bless you Greg

    Arm S.

  • I was introduced to Greg several years ago through a co-worker, and I must say that I am so glad I made the switch! I have since referred a friend who was having some issues with the IRS, which Greg completely handled. He also walked me through the entire process of opening a corporation, including all of the set up and paperwork. Beforehand I was skeptical - but Greg showed me all of my options, including a DBA and what the tax savings (or losses) would be in each scenario so that I could make an educated decision. I saved over 8K last year in taxes by starting a corporation. Greg has always been a total professional, and very easy to reach. If I have questions and I email him, I get a response usually within a few hours or less. GM Tax Services has saved me thousands of dollars over the years and I owe it all to Greg and his knowledge of the system and how it works.

    Wendy G.

  • the best! i have known this business already 6 years and there is no words to describe how much i appreciate there services. Not only the professional work they do, they also very kind and nice to all costumers... i recommend them to my friends and they were very happy yes definitely! go check them out thank you gm!

    Nare N.